Community Pharmacy Internship Program

Aim of the course
This Internship aims to train pharmacy students to acquire skills required for practicing community pharmacy.

After completion of this course: A successful internee

  • Will have confidence in venturing into the area of community Pharmacy.
  • Will have the required skills in managing and running a community Pharmacy in a professional manner.
  • Will have the ability to provide patient oriented services.
  • Will appreciate the ethical and moral issues pertaining to community pharmacy.

Course module

  1. Prescription Handling:
    Receiving and handling prescription to understand the prescription and able to understand about all the drugs prescribed. Ability to interpret what physician conveyed to the patients. (15 hours)
  2. Drug store Management:
    Procurement and stocking of drugs, Storage, Inventory control, Handling expired products. (25 hours)
  3. Computer skills:
    Basic computer skills and use of computer for handling prescription, maintenance of stocks, tax return purposes, etc.,drug information ,web site search (15 hours)


  1. Regulatory Issues:
    Various Licensing requirements to start a community pharmacy from professional and Government agencies. (15 hours)
  2. Ethical Issues:
    Professional ethics like ethical business conduct and ethical way of dealing with fellow pharmacist, other professionals and common public.
    (5 hours)
  3. Pharmaceutical care:
    a. FIP Documents will form basis as the self study material.
    b. Provision of patient oriented services like Patient counseling and other
    activities which directly contributes to patient well being. (40 hours)
  4. Development of Education materials for patients:
    Activities like preparation of education materials for specific drugs and some diseases. (10 hours)
  5. Project: Topic to be given by the Incharge of community pharmacist

    Education project selected in consultation with mentors should be completed and report submitted to ACPI review committee before completion of the internship. (25 hours).


Regulations and Requirement

  • The course is conducted by ACPI in coordination with the approved training centers.

  • This course is provided free of cost to the graduate students.
  • Internees should follow the guidelines issued by ACPI and the training centers.
  • Internees should wear an apron while working in the Pharmacy.
  • They should have a personal copy of CIMS/MIMS.
  • They should have the stationary needed for them.
  • They should submit monthly reports to the ACPI through the respective study centers.
  • They should also send the final presentation of the project report to the ACPI.
  • After reviewing the performance of the student during entire training period, successful candidates will be awarded with certificates of completion of internship.
  • The approval of credit hours should documented with attestation of the pharmacist in charge / mentor.
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